What Features Should A Pit Box Have?

One of the most critical things to have in your race pit is a pit box, and yet, so many people do not fully recognize just how many features these stands can have. Most people know a pit box by the massive example that is used at NASCAR races. While this is a prime example of just how many things this one structure can do, there are more average versions available that are just as attractive. If you are in the market for a good pit box or timing stand for your small race track, it is a good idea to get familiar with some of the features this structure should have. 

Multiple Stations

Having multiple stations allows multiple members of your team to sit at the box and help out. Some of the smaller boxes will have a spot for just one or two people, which is fine if this is all you ever really have. However, those larger boxes with multiple stations give you the opportunity to include several people in the racing overseeing. 

Built-In Cooling Fans 

You are basically seated in a metal box on a hot race track in a pit box. Therefore, if you want to stay cool, there will have to be some kind of cooling mechanism in place. The better-built models will have cooling fans built right in. This not only keeps you cool but also allows you to keep the electronics you are using cool as well. 

Multi-Screen Capabilities

If you find a pit box or timing stand that has the monitor screens already built-in, you are looking at a good unit. However, some pit boxes only have receptacles for screens and you do have to install your own, which is also okay. Just make sure the pit box you are looking at does have receptacles for multiple screens. The more viewing screens you can connect in the box, the more of a view you will have of the races as they take place. 

Built-In Toolboxes 

Having toolboxes on your pit box is really the only way to go. You can pick up the toolboxes on wheels and park them by the stand, but it is also important to have a place to keep the necessities right at the box itself. The best units have at least one toolbox; some can have multiple toolboxes and storage drawers for tools in different areas. For more information about pit boxes, contact the staff at a company like United Race Parts that provides pit boxes and timing stands. 

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