Replacing The Diesel Engine In Your Truck

Replacing the diesel engine in your truck can be expensive, but some options can save you some money and get your truck back on the road. Choosing the right option can greatly depend on your situation and how quickly the repair needs to be completed.

Rebuilt Engines

One of the best things about diesel engines is that they are incredibly durable, and rebuilding the engine is a viable option in most situations unless the engine in your truck has a crack in the block or damage to the internal structure. If that is the case, you may need to purchase a rebuilt diesel engine from an engine service. 

Rebuilt diesel engines are often less expensive than a new engine, and the warranties on the parts and work are typically good. This can vary from service to service, so doing some research is a good idea. If you find that you need to get your rebuilt engine from a service that is out of state, shipping can change the engine's cost and value if it is exceptionally high.

Working with a local rebuilder can eliminate the shipping, and they may be able to use some of the parts from your old engine to help keep the costs down. While a rebuilder across the country may be able to do that as well, shipping the parts they need could cost more than just buying the complete engine.

Crate Engines

A crate engine is essentially a new engine for your truck, and it comes from the manufacturer or factory dealership in a wooden crate or on a pallet. The engine components are already in place except for a few accessories like the alternator and air conditioning compressor. The engine may have a starter motor on it, or you may have to use yours from the original engine, as you will also need to use the other accessories mentioned. 

The warranty on a new engine from the manufacture is often the same warranty that the engine has when a new truck with that engine leaves the assembly line. There may be conditions to the warranty, such as having a factory-certified technician install it for you, but if you want the best engine and warranty for your truck, a new engine can be a great option.

With all the tuning and computer controls on modern diesel engines, having a factory-technician install, it may be the best solution and could be the fastest way to get back on the road.

For more information, reach out to an auto dealer that offers rebuilt diesel engines.

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