Getting The Parts You Need To Keep Your Road Trip Bus On The Road

If you have a classic rear-engine bus, it makes for a fun road trip vehicle. It is also going to need maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it on the road. You may need to do repairs while you are traveling. The following bus repair information will help you keep your road trip vehicle on the road.

Dealing with Rust and Corrosion Before It Spreads

Rust of the sheet metal in a classic rear-engine bus is a serious problem. Therefore, you may want to pack a few things to repair these issues before they get worse. Things that you can do to deal with rust while on the road include:

  • Sand and fill severe rust in sheet metal
  • Paint repaired areas with a protective primer
  • Use old oil or grease to coat exposed metal parts

Repairing rust damage and taking measures to prevent corrosion will help reduce the wear of parts. You want to make sure that exposed metal materials are always well-greased to stop them from rusting.

Spare Parts to Deal with Common Clutch Issues

The original linkage of bus clutches is notorious for causing problems. This is often due to minor problems like a broken cable or linkage. Therefore, you want to pack spare clutch cables or linkage parts. These parts will help you deal with common clutch issues that you can repair on the road. When your bus needs a new clutch, it is better to have it done at a shop or comfort of your own garage.

Extra Brake Parts For Quick Repairs

The original brakes of most rear-engine buses are not the best. Therefore, they often need maintenance and repairs when you travel. Brake parts that you need to pack before you hit the road include:

  • Spare brake pads
  • Springs and brake line connections
  • Extra brake lines to repair leaks

Often, problems with your brakes can easily be solved by replacing a leaking line or other components. Many of these repairs you can complete quickly while parked on the side of the road.

Engine Parts That You Should Have For Roadside Repairs

There are also engine parts that you want to make sure you have for quick roadside repairs. Parts you may need to deal with engine performance issues include:

  • Spark plugs and extra wires
  • Extra air filter and carburetor cleaner
  • Spare belts
  • Extra fuel hoses and filter

The problems with an engine misfiring can often be solved by replacing a spark plug or faulty wire. Therefore, you want to make sure you carry these spare parts with you in your toolbox.

The parts you pack with you on road trips will ensure you never get stranded on the side of the road. Contact a VW 2 bus parts service to get the spare components you need to make quick repairs. Learn more about type 2 VW bus parts today. 

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