Six Key Considerations When You're Selling A Junk Car

Junking a vehicle is a great way to get some money out of an old vehicle before you replace it with a newer vehicle. However, there are numerous considerations you need to take into account to get as much as you can out of junking your car for cash. The following are six key considerations when you want to junk your car

Vehicle preparation

It's important to prepare your vehicle before you junk it. For one thing, you need to take all of your belongings out of the vehicle. You should also prepare the vehicle you're going to junk by giving it a thorough cleaning both inside and out.

When you bring your vehicle into the junkyard, you can count on getting more money for it if you make it as presentable as possible. This is why a thorough cleaning is a good idea. 

Parts vs. scrap

If you're planning on getting rid of an old vehicle, you may have the option of selling it for parts or scrap. When you sell it for parts, mechanical components in it are reused. Selling your vehicle for scrap basically means that only the materials are salvaged from it and not entire mechanical components.

If your vehicle is in relatively decent shape, you might be able to get more from selling it for parts than you would for selling it for scrap metal. Your vehicle might be worth a good amount for parts if you have replaced a lot of mechanical components in it not too long ago. 

Transportation costs

Transportation costs are an important consideration if your vehicle is no longer running. In this case, you'll have to pay to tow it to the junkyard. This makes it important to find a junkyard that is located not too far away. You don't want to sell your vehicle for less than it will cost you to transport it. Some junkyards might take care of transportation for you. Make sure to negotiate transportation considerations with a junkyard before you agree to sell. 

Components to remove beforehand

You might want to take certain high-value, removable components out of your vehicle before you offer it for sale. This could include your stereo system, GPS system, or even tires. You might be able to get a good amount of money for selling these components independently. 

DMV issues

You'll need to take care of a few DMV tasks when you junk your vehicle. You'll want to stop making insurance payments. You'll also want to return your license plates to the DMV. 

Price you sell for

Price is a key consideration. You want to get as much money as possible for selling your junk vehicle. It's good to call a few junk and scrap yards and ask around. Get an idea of how much each place may be willing to give you for the year, make, and model vehicle that you're offering. Then, you can sell to the junkyard offering the most for your vehicle. 

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