Is Your Vehicle's Neutral Safety Switch Going Bad?

You may not know that automatic transmission vehicles are made with a neutral safety switch, which has the purpose of making sure that the vehicle is only started while in neutral or park. Its purpose is to make sure that a car isn't accidentally started in another gear, which will cause the vehicle to immediately go forward or backward. Here is how you can tell if your neutral safety switch is going bad.

The Service Engine Light Turns On

The neutral safety switch is a part that is going to communicate with your vehicle's dashboard when something is wrong. It will actually transmit the code P084F if there is a problem with this part in particular. While the problem could also be related to the wiring or the powertrain control module, there are some other things that you can do to test the neutral safety switch in particular.

The Vehicle Doesn't Crank Properly

Chances are that you start your vehicle while it's in park, which is what most people naturally do when starting a vehicle. However, since that neutral safety switch also works while the vehicle is in neutral, know that you can test the part by making sure your vehicle actually starts in neutral. It won't be harmful to your car to do so, but you'll immediately be able to tell something is wrong with the switch if the engine refuses to crank. 

If you do find yourself in a situation where the engine is not starting at all while in park, you should remember that the vehicle can start in the neutral position as well. Give that a try to see if the vehicle will start, because you then should be able to move it into park, drive, reverse, or any of the other gears.

If the neutral safety switch is not working at all, then you may be able to crank the engine in all gears. While it is not recommended to do so, you can see if cranking will even happen if you attempt it. 

The Reverse Backup Lights Don't Work

One possible problem that is connected to the neutral safety switch is how your lights operate when you put the car into reverse. Some vehicles will have an issue where the rear brake lights do not turn on when the vehicle is put into reserve. It's worth giving it a try to confirm your suspicions. 

If you're having issues with your neutral safety switch, consider using a replacement aftermarket part to make the repair more affordable. 

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